Cummins Training Courses

High quality training is fundamental to Cummins continued success. Cummins aim is to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Cummins products using the latest educational methods and tooling.

Service Training School

Our aim is to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Cummins engines using the latest educational methods and tooling. Most of our courses are a combination of interactive online programmes that are studied before the student undertakes the course and an instructor lead course at Daventry. Over the years the training centre has extended the training facilities in order for you to receive the most up to date and reliable training available. The Service Training Centre was originally based at the components plant in Darlington but was transferred to Daventry in 1976. Since then nearly 20,000 people have attended courses here. However we also have training centres located all over the world.

Courses & Locations

Cummins offers a variety of instructor lead courses that aim to provide the most up to date and accurate training available to help you provide a better, more efficient service to your customers, operators, and end users of Cummins engines. Training can be conducted on one of the Certified Training Schools in Europe, at one of the European Distributor sites or at the customer's location.

For more information about Cummins Training, or to submit a training request, please send an email to:[email protected] or visit the website:

Power Train Courses

Cummins Power Train course covers the fundamental aspects of diesel generator sets over 2 days at our Daventry Engine and Generator manufacturing plant in the UK.

This course is free of charge to attend and delivered by our experienced Sales Application Engineering (SAE) team as well as being fully CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited. Delegates will be awarded with 13 CPD hours for completing the Powertrain Course.

The Power Train is ideal for our customers, electrical & mechanical engineers as well as consultants work on tenders that include generator installations. The training will cover:

  • Products: Cummins generator sets focusing key components such as Cummins engines, alternators and controllers. Highlighting the key advantages of Cummins generator systems.
  • Mechanical Installation: Key installation considerations that need to be considered when developing tenders for generator installations such as:
    • Cooling & ventilation
    • Fuel & exhaust systems
    • Emissions
    • Noise & sound attenuation
  • Electrical Installation: covering low, medium & high voltage applications and the challenges each electrical installation faces which will be discussed in depth.
  • Controls: The controllers that we offer and the technical capabilities of these will be discussed in detail. Paralleling considerations will be a key discussion point.

Interested in booking a place on the Cummins Power Train course? Register by completing the online registration form

Date Duration Location
Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 November, 2019 2 days Daventry, UK

For future training date and further information, please contact [email protected]

Application Engineering Training for Cummins Generator Systems

Application Engineering Training is a course delivered by the Sales Application Engineering (SAE) Team and is exclusively for Cummins authorized Distributors and Dealers.

The objective of this training is to provide a comprehensive study on the technical aspects of selection and installation of Diesel and Gas generating sets and related sub-systems.

Divided into three different parts, this training aims to provide engineers, from varied backgrounds or responsibilities, with the necessary skills and tools to leverage sales and select and install effectively Cummins Power Generation products. At the same time this course also encourages the discussion and exchange of experiences between application engineers from different locations.

  1. Product Selection is mostly focused on the several aspects to be taken into consideration whilst selecting both diesel and gas generating sets and their related sub systems. Due to its diversified content, it is targeted at both technical sales and application engineers.
  2. Mechanical Design focus on all the mechanical considerations required for project design and implementation.
  3. Electrical Design focus on all the considerations required for project design and implementation. Due to its purely technical nature these two parts are mainly targeted to engineers looking to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in these fields.

Interested in booking a place on the Cummins Generator Application Engineering course? Register by completing the online registration form.

Would like to know more information? For further information, please contact [email protected].

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