Factory Remanufactured vs Uncertified Rebuilds & Repairs

Climbing steep grades with an 18-wheeler? Navigating the world's waters in a Cummins powered boat? Moving a mountain with a bulldozer? Or making sure children arrive to school on time? Cummins ReCon engines handle the job with power to spare. Cummins offers factory remanufactured Short Blocks, Long Blocks and engines for Cummins Heavy-duty L10, M, N and ISX/QSX engine platforms as well as MidRange B, C and ISL/QSL engine platforms.

In fact, more fleets and owner/operators are switching from major overhauls to Cummins ReCon engine options than ever before and with good reason. With a ReCon engine, you're not going to have any surprises and you'll quickly be back to work.

Every Minute Counts

• Engine swaps require less downtime than other major repair events

• Lower risk of having to come back in for additional repairs

• Takes longer to order and install parts than engine swapping

• Potential for installation errors can lead to future repair needs

• Hidden surprises can create additional delays

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

• More uptime produces more opportunity for earning

No hassle core exchange 

• Savings through improved fuel economy

• Avoid the costs of additional short term repairs 

• May cost less initially but can cost more in the long run

• Requires more labor hours and potential for additional repair cost

• Will have your equipment down for a longer period of time

• Potentially less fuel economy improvement than with ReCon Engines

Highest Quality Components & Latest Technology Included

• Quality assurance through rigorous inspection

• As components improve over time, applicable upgrades are included on ReCon engines

• 100% parts replacement using only Genuine Cummins new and ReCon parts

• Free horsepower and performance upgrades when applicable


• Will replace only what appears broken or worn

• May lack proper equipment and special tools

• Potential gap in capabilities of uncertified technicians

• Parts may not be genuine

• Testing and validation of repair is limited

ReCon is Environmentally Responsible

• Avoid sending tons of metal to landfills or scrap yards

• Reduces need to mine new raw materials

• Remanufacturing uses energy efficient process

• Potential uncertainty in environmental practices when using uncertified rebuilder

Peace of Mind

• No hassle core exchange with no disassembly and no surprise bill-backs

• ReCon engines perform the same or better than your original engine when it was new

• Global warranty support from the largest and best independent service network in the world with over 7,500 locations

• Extended warranty coverage options are available at a reasonable price (same options available as Cummins new engines)

• Risk of hidden quality issues

• Service warranty is not supported by authorized dealers

• Lack Cummins guidelines and access to intellectual property

Cummins ReCon: The Remanufacturing Process

Unlike an engine shop that repairs or rebuilds engines by replacing parts that are obviously broken or malfunctioning, Cummins remanufacturing follows a rigorous process that ensures every part is examined, cleaned, remachined and tested to meet Cummins' exact specifications. If upgrades have been made to the original design of a component, all applicable upgrades will be included as the engine or part is remanufactured. The following steps describe the measures Cummins takes to remanufacture its engines and parts, creating a product that is comparable to a new Cummins product.

  • Core Acceptance

    Step 1: Core Acceptance

    A great benefit of Cummins remanufacturing is that you can get money back for exchanging your worn-out engine or part. Any Cummins-authorized repair facility worldwide will accept your old part, perform a simple external visual inspection and give you an immediate credit toward its replacement.

  • Disassembly

    Step 2: Disassembly

    Cummins engines and parts are completely disassembled with great care to prepare key components for processing - right down to the last screw, nut, bolt and spring. Our factory technicians follow standard quality processes to ensure that we only remanufacture the highest quality components.

  • Cleaning

    Step 3: Cleaning

    Hardworking Cummins engines have a habit of getting dirty. That's why, once disassembled into individual components, each part is carefully cleaned using the latest technology to remove debris without removing any metal. These methods include the use of dry ice, enzymes and even lasers for specialized cleaning needs.

  • Inspection

    Step 4: Inspection

    We will only restore parts that meet stringent quality standards. Using the latest inspection technology including: ultrasonic, x-ray, magnetic particle inspection and coordinate measuring machine (CMM), we verify that every part is ready for the restoration process. You won't find this level of detailed inspection on traditional in-shop rebuilds.

  • Restoration

    Step 5: Restoration

    We use a variety of techniques to ensure that our ReCon parts meet original specifications and improved standards of performance.

    • Worn surfaces are restored with thermal spray and laser deposition

    • Computer-controlled lathes, machining centers, and honing and grinding equipment renew worn surfaces

    • Upgrades or supersessions in components are included as part of the Cummins remanufacturing process

    • Our state-of-the-art techniques and highly trained workforce provide measurable quality results

  • Testing

    Step 6: Testing

    Cummins validation testing employs fail-safe processes to verify that performance and reliability of the finished remanufactured engine or part meets Cummins original factory standards. This produces a remanufactured product that's as good as new at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reintroduction

    Step 7: Reintroduction

    Once the remanufacturing process is complete, ReCon engines and parts are ready to be reintroduced into the field, where the true test of quality is performed. That's why Cummins conducts extensive testing of our products (as well as the competition's), verifying superior performance and value for your repair dollar.

When Should You Consider ReCon Engines?

  • Your engine block is damaged
  • You’re in need of an expensive repair
  • You’re experiencing chronic engine problems
  • You value warranty and total cost of ownership
  • You need to avoid downtime
  • You love your equipment
  • You want to improve resale value of equipment
  • You purchased a fixer upper

What are the Benefits?

  • Less downtime
  • A better standard warranty (ie- entire engine covered vs. replaced parts/individual components)
  • Extended warranty options are available
  • Short block, long block and full engine ReCon options provide the potential to reuse some of your working system components
  • ReCon engines are dyno-tested
  • Adds value to your equipment
  • No cost-creep
  • Like-new performance and fuel economy

Quote a ReCon Engine Now

To obtain a price quote on a ReCon engine or to ask additional questions, visit any of our Cummins certified sales and service centers or

Call 1-800-CUMMINS

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