Transparent and accountable governance is foundational at Cummins. Critical times require critical oversight. The Cummins Board of Directors continues to provide the corporate guidance required to meet global challenges. 

Human Rights

We serve, recognize, and support the fundamental human rights of employees and local citizens.


We believe in equal opportunity and respect for every worker wherever we operate around the world.


We follow the law everywhere and strive for transparency and accountability in compliance.

Governance — By the Numbers

0 female directors and 5 ethnically diverse directors

0 guiding ethical principles

0 + training course completions in thousands on Cummins Code of Business Conduct in 2020

0 of our 13 board members are independent

Governance Accountability and Transparency

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Accountability Starts at the Top

Cummins' sustainability is built on a foundation of ethical behavior and effective leadership. The Cummins Board of Directors advises senior management and adopts governance principles consistent with Cummins’ mission, vision and values. The board looks at the entire Cummins ecosystem holistically, keeping stakeholder interests in mind.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

A Longstanding Commitment to Integrity

Cummins ethics and governance initiatives are built around the 10 Statements of Ethical Principles in our Code of Business Conduct. We put these principles into practice through a comprehensive compliance training program targeting appropriate employee groups to promote ethical behavior. Learn more about Cummins business ethics.

Governance Documents

Governance Documents

We're All Accountable

Effective governance needs a mechanism to ensure ethical codes are enforced. Employees at all levels of Cummins are empowered to help identify possible violations of the Cummins Code of Business Conduct, enabled by the Cummins Ethics Help Line. Where maintaining ethics is concerned, everyone at Cummins is part of the solution. Explore public Governance documents on our Investor Relations site.

Cummins in Action

Cummins In Action


Martin Luther King Jr. Called Him "the most progressive businessman in America."

No one has been more influential on Cummins corporate culture, especially regarding ethics and accountability, than our former Chairman, J. Irwin Miller (1909-2004). Meet the man who continues to inspire all we do.

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