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New Cummins strategy to address climate change, conserve natural resources

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4 ways Cummins Powers Women is making a difference in the world


Clessie Cummins' grandson hits 300,000 miles on cross-country drive

People and Places
I write this message today with a very heavy heart. Like many of you, I have been horrified and angered by recent events, including the killing of…
Electrified Power
When looking to describe our electrified power applications, many adjectives come to mind, including durable, reliable, safe, and ...beautiful? It's…
Corporate Responsibility
Given that Cummins is a global power leader known for its technical expertise, books might not be the first thing that would come to mind for an…
Over 50 tons. This is the amount of goods transported annually, per person in the U.S. This shouldn’t be surprising given the device you are reading…
News Releases
Cummins plant in Darlington, UK has sustained engine and aftertreatment production through the challenging COVID-19 situation, keeping customers…
Corporate Responsibility
Finding ways to keep kids safely apart replaced activities bringing them together. Distance learning replaced in-person visits by Cummins employees…
People and Places
Prior to joining Cummins as a telecommunications manager, Layton worked in the medical gas testing industry, ensuring that oxygen and other essential…
Summer is right around the corner. Many of us have been yearning for the long days, warmer weather and time spent on the water. Whether you’re headed…
People and Places
This year marks the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), an annual observance dedicated to encouraging the world to talk, think and learn…
Parts and Service
Hospitals cannot lose power, semi-trucks cannot break down and first-responder vehicles need to be ready for any call. In all of these scenarios,…
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