Fully Engineered Paralleling Systems Deliver Backup Power Reliability

PowerCommand® paralleling systems integrate paralleling controls throughout the backup power system to significantly improve reliability. Based on a distributed logic concept, our paralleling systems incorporate low or medium voltage power sections, automatic transfer switches and a digital master control (DMC) for supervisory functions.

Providing true digital control of startup, PowerCommand paralleling systems ensure synchronization — with multiple generator sets and the utility — in 10 seconds or less, without a break in power during transitions. As the best available technology for data center backup power, they are engineered to include sophisticated diagnostics, metering, protection, remote monitoring and networkability.

Includes Switchgear Integration

Complementing the digital master control is a Cummins-engineered switchgear component that completes the paralleling system application. The switchgear and controls are engineered and factory-tested as a complete solution, reducing installation and commissioning time as well as overall project lead time. Only Cummins designs, engineers and manufactures the protection, control circuitry and monitoring equipment required for a fully functional paralleling systems application.

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