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Microgrid Control

Certification CSA 22.2, Seismic, UL891

The new microgrid controls accommodate distributed energy power system designs and have the ability to control renewable energy resources (solar and wind) and energy storage - providing a single interface control for a completely integrated microgrid power system.


Paralleling Controls

Available Regions

Russia US and Canada Africa & Middle East Mexico Philippines Singapore Brazil Bolivia Uruguay Paraguay Argentina Colombia Central America Europe Japan Korea


The PowerCommand Microgrid Control® (MGC) suite includes two product options, the MGC300 and MGC900, offering the appropriate controller for every unique microgrid application. Both MGCs optimize the energy production from all assets in the system. This includes maximizing the output of renewable sources and ultimately lowering the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and total cost of ownership (TCO), ensuring that the assets in the system are not underutilized



The above is a one-line diagram visual of the MGC900 HMI and does not represent the entire suite of options available.

  MGC300 MGC900
Product Configuration Customized Customized
Energy Storage Control Available Available
Renewable Source Control Available Available
Number of Genset 2 Gensets Customizable
Load Controls Limited Customizable
Remote Monitoring Available
(Web browsing capability)
(Web browsing capability)
Breakers Control Up to 6 breakers Customizable
Communication Protocol Modbus TCP/IP Modbus TCP/IP
User Interface 19" color touch screen 19" color touch screen
Historical Trending & Reports Yes Yes
Alarm and Event Recorder Yes Yes
HMI Help Screens Yes Yes
Password Access Capability 4 levels 4 levels
Metering Transducers 2 sets of inputs Customizable
Installation type Wall mount Floor standing
System Topology Off-Grid or On-Grid
Off-Grid or On-Grid
Energy Resource Optimization Yes Yes


  • Supports multiple configurations and design implementation solutions
  • 19” color touchscreen
  • Dynamic one-line diagram: Displays system operation in real-time in one view.
  • Detailed information for each energy resource in the system.
  • Programmable Logic Control: Enables user programmability for system customization.
  • Communication link to Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Remote access and monitoring capability
  • Modbus TCP/IP communications Protocol
  • Product certification: UL 891 listed, CSA certified
  • Warranty and service: Products are backed by a comprehensive warranty and a worldwide network of distributors with factory-trained service technicians.

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