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Wherever there's advanced rail technology, you'll find Cummins power.

Learn what's Ahead of the Curve in Rail

Cummins has a long history of fueling innovations that power the success of customers across the globe. With experts spread across the world, Cummins is the best partner to help reach the ideal balance between lowest cost and maximum availability, all while pushing the rail industry to achieve the most stringent sustainability targets. Let our experts share some of our best insights about the past, present and future of Cummins Rail.

Future of Rail at Cummins

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Learn how the rail industry is evolving and staying ahead of the curve with Regina Barringer, the Global General Manager of Rail and Defense.

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Global perspective of Cummins

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Learn about the global advantage Cummins brings to the rail industry and our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs.

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Durable performance. The power to go anywhere.

Rail operations are extremely demanding, and at Cummins we know the importance of keeping your rail equipment on track at all times. With a Cummins engine in your machine, you get legendary reliability, durability, advanced emissions technology, and responsive service support.

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The next generation of rail power

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Reputation and reliability

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When it comes to reputation and reliability, Cummins is at the top. Learn about the many innovative products we are creating.

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