PrevenTech Rail

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PrevenTech® Rail Beta is Cummins’ newest remote engine monitoring and reporting solution. By combining engine hardware, digital technologies and data-driven expert analysis, PrevenTech delivers proactive recommendations that allow customers to increase equipment availability, improve safety and reliability, and enhance operational efficiency.


How PrevenTech Works

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Increase Availability
24/7 engine monitoring by the experts at Cummins lowers the probability of catastrophic failures and extends life to overhaul by avoiding progressive engine damage, translating to increased availability for your rolling stock. When service is necessary, PrevenTech’s powerful diagnostic tools optimize the amount of downtime per maintenance cycle.

Improve Reliability
PrevenTech’s time-to-act recommendations improve confidence in predicting equipment issues, reducing scheduling disruptions, facilitating more dynamic equipment deployment, and helping operators avoid performance penalties through improved reliability.

Enhance Operational Efficiency
Real-time monitoring enables en-route triage and decreases the need for time-consuming field service dispatches. PrevenTech’s prognostic analysis supports condition-based maintenance for consumables and allows operators to extend maintenance intervals across their fleet.

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