Code of Business Conduct

The Cummins Code of Business Conduct is built around 10 "Statements of Ethical Principles" that provide the foundation for ethical behavior at Cummins. The principles are backed by Corporate Policies and other key documents that give specific guidance on various topics.

The Code addresses issues ranging from our commitment to diversity and how we treat each other, to how we compete fairly for business around the world.  It also reminds us of our key and unchanging responsibility as Cummins employees to behave ethically at all times and to report behavior that doesn’t live up to our standards. 

The Code, which is available for download in 16 different languages, provides our employees around the world with a practical guide to doing the right thing and reinforces the values that have made Cummins a great place to work for more than 90 years.

Each year, employees certify their compliance with the Company's Code of Business Conduct and underlying policies and report any exceptions to Cummins policy through the ethics certification process. Internal Audit, Ethics and Compliance and the Cummins Legal Function review all exceptions to ensure they were properly handled and documented.


Questions or comments about the Code can be directed to Schuyla Jeanniton, Executive Director - Ethics & Compliance at [email protected].

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