PrevenTech® for Mining

Make your Cummins mining equipment smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient than ever. Foresee issues earlier, extend maintenance intervals, eliminate surprises, and take your uptime to new levels. It’s groundbreaking.

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Data is power

PrevenTech® tracks every connected engine, securely transmitting alerts (via 4G or WiFi) for urgent and potential problems and recommendations for actions and servicing. This is like control you’ve never had before.

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More efficiency

Boost productivity and sustainability

Keep assets running longer with fewer disruptions. Avoid the ‘domino effect’ by solving equipment health issues before they become costly. Reduce failures, optimize engine efficiency and stretch the life of equipment to help you meet your sustainability targets.

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More control

Optimize maintenance and service

With PrevenTech you can optimize maintenance intervals for each site individually. See the status of equipment in real time, plan downtime and repair work to minimize disruption. Further personalize your experience through customized rules, fault codes, reports and more.

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More confidence

Cummins experts on your side

Optional 24/7 Cummins Care makes PrevenTech even more powerful, with Cummins experts giving you personalized service recommendations.

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Your PrevenTech

Matched to your operations

With two service levels (Base and Premium) offering different bundles of PrevenTech features, services and support, we can make sure PrevenTech matches your needs and delivers maximum value for you.

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