Cummins performance, Near-zero emissions

Cummins natural gas engines deliver true Cummins performance and certified California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance.

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Natural gas by the numbers

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Regulators have their standards. We have ours.

Cummins sets the standard for performance, reliability and near-zero transportation fleet emissions.

  • NOx and particulate matter levels that exceed 2024 California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards and designed to meet 2027 standards
  • NOx levels 90% below current EPA standard
  • Particulate matter levels 90% below current EPA standard
  • CO2 equivalents 16% below current EPA standard
  • Can achieve sub-zero net emissions when using renewable natural gas (RNG)

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We work the way you work

Our natural gas engines are the least disruptive alternative power technology available today.

  • Fit current fleet transportation models
  • Powered with abundant, low-priced domestic fuel
  • Require no radical change in vehicle tech or infrastructure
  • Align with U.S. energy source and independence goals
  • The most viable solution available today to help fleets reduce transportation emissions

Change engine: The new 15L X15N

Introducing a heavy-duty near-zero revolution. Cummins engineers a new 15L long-haul low-emission natural gas engine for North America.

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The ISX12N — 90% fewer NOx emissions

Made in America for North America. Take a look inside Cummins’ Jamestown, New York, manufacturing facility to see how the heavy-duty ISX12N is built.

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The lowest total emission truck and bus engines available

Cummins’ line of 6-to-12-liter natural gas engines delivers ultra-low emissions for trucks and school and transit buses, as well as vocational use. All Cummins natural gas engines sold in North America are proudly built in the USA. They’re backed by Cummins’ massive support network, and available as factory-direct options from leading truck and bus OEMs.

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Abundant low-cost, renewable domestic fuel

Compressed natural gas is transferred via millions of miles of pipeline throughout North America. There are more than 800 public natural gas refueling sites. Many operators choose low-cost, private, behind-the-fence fueling options.

Three-Way-Catalyst exhaust treatment system

No exhaust treatment system

The Three-Way Catalyst exhaust treatment system used with natural gas engines is maintenance free. That means no active regeneration, no fluids, no filter cleaning and no filter replacements. This helps keep total cost of operation down.


Waste Management — Moreno Valley

Large fleets run leaner and cleaner

See how Cummins natural gas engines help a 130-truck fleet run leaner and cleaner.

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Matheson Trucking

Postal service
company shrinks
carbon footprint

Congressional green energy mandate encourages company to find new efficiencies with natural gas.

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Ozinga Ready Mix

Counter rising fuel costs, meet standards

Regional company turns to natural gas in the face of rising diesel prices and state compliance demands.

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