A Business Case for Diversity

"Cummins’ success today would not be possible without our deep commitment to diversity. At Cummins, we want to create an inclusive work environment where the diverse ideas and perspectives of our employees drive innovation for solving tomorrow’s business challenges. Diversity will help us better serve our customers around the world and deliver results that will sustain our future growth and success. In short, diversity is critical to our bottom line."
– Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO

The age, gender, race, nationality and language composition of Cummins’ 55,000 worldwide employees reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As individuals, we differ in so many ways, from personality and behavior to sexual orientation and religious beliefs. This creates an environment rich with fresh perspectives, unique viewpoints and innovative thinking.

The company’s vision is to make people’s lives better by unleashing the power of this diverse workforce.


Diversity at Cummins

As Cummins reaches out to attract and retain global customers, we recognize that a diverse workforce is essential to our continued success. We define diversity within the corporation as:

  • At the organization level, diversity is created through the distinct personalities and capabilities of each individual within the group.
  • Taken together, the diversity of individuals and organizations creates an environment where innovation and ideas flourish.
  • On a personal level, the diversity of an individual is defined by his or her cultural and personal differences, as well as life and professional experiences.


Entering New Markets

When Cummins businesses enter new markets and geographies, we employ people who understand the local culture and speak the local language – people who share Cummins values, and in most instances, are integral parts of the local community.

A successful work environment not only includes people from different backgrounds, it also welcomes and celebrates their differences.

To derive the greatest benefit from diversity, Cummins believes we must do the following:

  • Demand that the workplace is safe and inclusive for all individuals and organizations.
  • Develop a collective behavior that encourages all individuals and employees to best use their talents.
  • Capitalize on a diverse workforce to enhance Cummins’ competitive position in the marketplace.
  • Create a workplace population with representation that is similar to the markets in which we operate.


The Competitive Advantage of Diversity

"Character, ability and intelligence are not concentrated in one sex over the other, nor in persons with certain accents, or in certain races, or in persons holding degrees from some universities over others. When we indulge ourselves in such irrational prejudices, we damage ourselves most of all and ultimately assure ourselves of failure in competition with those more open and less biased."
– J. Irwin Miller, former Cummins Chairman and CEO

Mr. Miller's words, spoken more than 20 years ago, when he was chairman of the Cummins Executive Committee, identify why it is critical for Cummins to recruit talented employees from a diverse pool of candidates in every region and culture where the company operates.

Diversity provides Cummins competitive advantages in the following areas:

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Create an inclusive work environment that fosters innovation
  • Promote differing viewpoints to enhance problem solving and decision-making
  • Develop a positive reputation in its communities
  • Create an inclusive and safe environment


Exceeding Customer Requirements

Global OEMs benefit from the innovative products and services Cummins provides through our worldwide operations and diverse workforce. Cummins is better able to meet the needs of the marketplace because we have manufacturing facilities, technical, distribution and service centers along with low-cost sourcing opportunities close to where our customers do business.

A greater number of innovative ideas and solutions are created from a group of people with different perspectives and backgrounds than from a homogeneous group whose members might basically act and think alike.

Cummins relies on key insights from our diverse workforce to help solve complex engineering and business problems, to help reduce costs, and to help create differentiated products and services that enable the company to delight our customers.


Doing the Right Thing

A company is only as healthy as the environment and communities in which its employees live and work. It is in Cummins’ self-interest, not selfish interest, to create an environment in which people treat others as they want to be treated. An environment in which diversity is celebrated creates a culture that is aligned with Cummins’ core values and enables the company to flourish.

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