Home standby and portable generators

How to buy

Whether you prefer full service or like to arrange things yourself, Cummins authorized dealers and online sales mean you can do it your way.

How to Buy a Cummins Home Generator

Dealer installation of home standby generator

Professional sales and service

Buy through your local dealer

If you'd like professional guidance and installation, have a Cummins-authorized dealer come inspect your site and walk you through every step of the journey. While assessing your power needs, recommending the best sized generator and choosing the best location to install your generator, they'll answer any questions you may have. They’ll give you a full estimate for buying the generator and installation, and take care of the whole installation for you, making this a worry-free, hassle-free option.

Schedule Your In-Home Assessment

Locate a Dealer

Installed home generator

Know what you need?

Order online

If you have determined your home’s power needs, fuel requirement, and researched local codes, you can purchase your Cummins home generator online today and have it shipped to your door for installation by the professional of your choice.


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