Application Engineering Training

Application Engineering Training is a course delivered by the Sales Application Engineering Team – Europe & Russia exclusively for Cummins authorized Distributors and Dealers.

The objective of this training is to provide a comprehensive study on the technical aspects of selection and installation of Diesel and Gas generating sets and related sub-systems.

Course Curriculum & Registration

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Divided into three different parts, this training aims to provide engineers, from varied backgrounds or responsibilities, with the necessary skills and tools to leverage sales and select and install effectively Cummins Power Generation products. At the same time this course also encourages the discussion and exchange of experiences between application engineers from different locations.

Product Selection is mostly focused on the several aspects to be taken into consideration whilst selecting both diesel and gas generating sets and their related sub systems. Due to its diversified content, it is targeted at both technical sales and application engineers.

Mechanical Design and Electrical Design focus on all the mechanical and electrical considerations required for project design and implementation. Due to its purely technical nature these two parts are mainly targeted to engineers looking to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in these fields.

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Training Schedule

18-21 May 2020, Dublin, Ireland

Case Study Actions

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