The next generation of power arrives

Centum™ Series Generators

A new platform for meeting the growing demand for power.

Welcome to the next generation of power

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A new platform for meeting the growing demand for power: Cummins Centum Series™ generators.

Developed in direct response to the needs and requests of specifying engineers, contractors and facility managers, the Centum Series is designed to address the challenges you face today, while looking ahead to those you anticipate in the future.

Cummins Centum Series™ generators represent a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design, offering next-level flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. This is more than the launch of a new product line; this is a long-term commitment to the next generation of power, our customers, the industry and our planet.

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Experience Centum Series Generators

Discover the key features and benefits of the first Centum Series generator set—the C1250D6E / C1500D6E—in this virtual 360-degree walkaround.

Your needs are the spec

With a complete spectrum of power ratings from new, higher-efficiency engines, you get exactly the right power you need for your unique requirements — without compromise.

Robust configuration flexibility ensures that each Centum system will meet or exceed local emissions regulations without sacrificing performance.

Power flexibility, your new edge

Centum Series generators are engineered to meet your power needs and your budget — optimizing the specification process.

Centum efficiently delivers the power you need in a smaller footprint, lowering both installation and fuel costs. Every aspect of your Centum Series generator is a business advantage.

The Cummins commitment

The Centum Series represents much more than a new approach to power generation. It’s a new standard for the next 100 years of power.

You’ll also get the rock-solid dependability Cummins is known for, encompassing the design, build, install and service by Cummins expert engineers and technicians.

The Centum evolution begins

C1250D6E / C1500D6E generator sets are the first release in this groundbreaking new platform. This high-performance, high-power density system delivers the power you need in a smaller footprint, enhanced by innovative advantages and benefits like these:

  • Power Density and Flexibility

    Superior power efficiency in a smaller footprint, configured specifically for your application, to ensure you get the exact power you specify.
  • High Altitude/Ambient Capability

    Centum Series C1250D6E / C1500D6E generator sets deliver power dependably, even in hot and humid climates, high altitudes and aggressive environments.
  • Serviceability

    Every component of the C1250D6E / C1500D6E is designed for easy service and backed by one of the most efficient distribution networks in the industry — owned, trained and operated directly by Cummins. Innovative design also reduces the costs of maintenance and replacement parts.
  • Transient Performance

    Fast recovery from large load swings leads to less power disruption and a more stable power supply for consistent, predictable operations.
  • Tier 4 Compliance

    Cummins is the only standby generator set manufacturer capable of shipping a complete Tier 4-compliant solution directly from the factory. The T4 compliant aftertreatment solution was designed and is manufactured in-house, making Cummins the only standby generator set manufacturer capable of shipping a complete Tier 4-compliant solution directly from the factory.
  • Alternative Fuels

    As part of the Cummins dual commitment to decarbonization and emissions reduction, the Centum Series C1250D6E / C1500D6E is approved for use with paraffinic fuels (EN15940), including hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which offers the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 40-90% over the total lifecycle of the generator set—without sacrificing performance.
  • Onboard Diagnostics

    Cummins maximizes uptime with advanced monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analytics, which no competitor can match.
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See the all-new Centum generator set

Explore our first entry into the Centum Series—The C1250D6E/C1500D6E Generator.

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