qsk38 generator set

C1250D6E / C1500D6E Centum™ Series

Frequency (Hz) 60
Certification EPA Tier 2
Fuel Type Diesel
Rated for kW kVA
Standby 1250-1500 1563-1875
Prime 1136-1364 1420-1705

Centum Series generators represent a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design, offering next-level flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. The Centum C1250D6E / C1500D6E efficiently delivers the power you need in a smaller footprint, lowering both installation and fuel costs.


Standby Power Healthcare Data Centers Water Treatment Agriculture




Mission-Critical Commercial and Infrastructure Industrial
Healthcare Commercial Property, Retail and Hospitality Manufacturing
Data Centers Transportation Infrastructure Agriculture
Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) Public and Government Infrastructure Others

Wherever you are, whatever your job, Cummins expertise is Always On

Cummins offers customers unrivaled peace of mind when it comes to servicing and maintaining the Centum C1250D6E /C1500D6E. Cummins engineers will help you every step of the way — from start to finish. You get best-in-class aftermarket capabilities via your dedicated local contact, supported by a global system of service technicians, engineers, 8,000 dealer locations and 500 parts distribution facilities in over 190 countries spread across 6 continents.

The complete power package

There’s a reason that power systems from Cummins are deployed for vital applications at some of the biggest and best-known companies and institutions in the world. Only Cummins manufactures and assembles all of the key components of our power systems. Because of this, we’re able to exert the highest levels of design and performance control — resulting in a much more reliable, integrated system than any other provider in the industry. This approach reduces your system complexity and installation time while delivering maximum reliability.

Cummins innovative and comprehensive power solutions go beyond generating power. Our integrated power systems enable seamless transfer of power sources and remote monitoring from wherever you are.

  • Power density and flexibility —Your power system can be configured specifically for your application, ensuring that you get the exact power you specify.
  • Robust transient performance —Recover from large load swings quickly, leading to less power disruption and a more stable power supply for consistent, predictable operations.
  • Cummins heavy-duty engine —Rugged four-cycle industrial diesel delivers reliable power, low emissions and fast response to load changes.
  • Alternator —Several alternator sizes offer selectable motor starting capability with low reactance windings, low waveform distortion with non-linear loads and fault-clearing, short-circuit capability.
  • EPA Tier 2/Tier 4 compliance and certification options —Can meet standards for Tier 2 up to Tier 4. Cummins is the only standby generator set manufacturer capable of shipping a complete Tier 4-compliant solution directly from the factory.
  • Sustainable alternative fuel capability —As part of the Cummins dual commitment to decarbonization and emissions reduction, the Centum Series C1250D6E/C1500D6E is approved for use with paraffinic fuels (EN15940), including hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which offers the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40-90% over the total lifecycle of the generator set without sacrificing performance.
  • Control system —PowerCommand®  digital control is standard equipment and provides total genset system integration, including automatic remote starting/stopping, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, AmpSentry™ protective relay, output metering and auto-shutdown.
  • Cooling system —Instead of aftercoolers, the C1250D6E / C1500D6E features charged air-cooled intake manifolds that require less standard repair time (SRT). Standard and enhanced integral set-mounted radiator systems, designed and tested for rated ambient temperatures, simplify facility design requirements for rejected heat.
  • Warranty and service —Backed by a 3-year comprehensive warranty and worldwide distributor network.
  • Easy access to parts —All Cummins part distribution centers (DCs) are linked by a fully integrated system, enabling you to search for parts not only in the local inventory, but anywhere in the network.
  • NFPA —The generator set accepts full rated load in a single step in accordance with NFPA 110 for Level 1 systems.
  • Uptime compliant —Meets the requirements of a Tier III and IV data center site by being rated to run for unlimited hours of operation when loaded to ‘N’ demand for the engine generator set.
  • Data Center Continuous (DCC) —Applicable for supplying power continuously to a constant or varying electrical load for unlimited hours in a data center application.
  • Permanent magnet generator (PMG) —Excitation system offers enhanced motor starting and fault-clearing, short-circuit capability.
  • Optional advanced features —Options include i-Relay, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), low coolant sensor and electronic restriction indicators which actively communicate the health of critical components to the main control panel.
Generator Model Hz Data Center Continuous kVA / kW Prime kVA / kW Standby kVA / kW Fuel Type Spec Sheet
C1250D6E 60 1420 / 1136 1420 / 1136 1563 / 1250 Diesel Spec sheet
C1500D6E 60 1705 / 1364 1705 / 1364 1875 / 1500 Diesel Spec sheet

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