QSV91G Gas Generator Series

Frequency (Hz) 50, 60
Certification Global Compliance
Fuel Type Lean-Burn Gas

The QSV91G is a versatile and dependable gas generator series offering a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for prime and peaking power applications.


Prime Power Cogeneration


Cummins® lean burn gas generator sets are fully integrated power generation systems utilizing state of the art technology that results in optimum performance and efficient use of fuel for continuous duty, CHP and peaking applications. Our generator sets combine low emissions, best-in-class load acceptance and efficiency to satisfy all your operational and environmental requirements.

Target Industries


Commercial & Industrial Utility Industrial
Airports Landfills Mining
Universities Wastewater Treatment Plants Manufacturing
Prison Bases Grid Firming Oil and Gas
Shopping Malls Anaerobic Digesters Greenhouses
  Independent Power Producers Agriculture


World-Class Service and Support Network

With the largest global and local support footprint in the industry, Cummins owns, trains and controls its entire distributor network. You’ll always have a direct connection to the people who know the QSV91G best, with factory-level expertise available at every level.



Generator Model C1540N5CB C1750N5CB C2000N5CB C2000N5C C1540N6CB C1750N6B C1750N6CB C2000N6B C2000N6CB C2000N6C
Hz 50 50 50 50 60 60 60 60 60 60
ISO Electrical Efficiency (%) 37.5 38.9 39.3 40.9 36.6 37.8 38.1 38.4 38.6 40.3
ISO Thermal Efficiency (%) 49.8 50.6 49.6 46.6 49.8 50.0 50.7 49.2 49.5 46.2
ISO Fuel Consumption (kW) 4136 4498 5094 4892 4212 4761 4591 5341 5181 4968
Usable Heat (kW) 2237 2475 2784 2560 2277 - 2531 - 2828 2568
Data Sheet D-6200 D-5578 D-5578 D-3322 D-5711 D-5717 D-5735 D-6307 D-5747 D-3325
Generator Model kWe Hz Fuel Type Spec Sheet
C1540N5CB 1540 50 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C1750N5CB 1750 50 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C2000N5CB 2000 50 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C2000N5C 2000 50 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C1540N6CB 1540 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C1750N6B 1750 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1624
C1750N6CB 1750 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C2000N6B 2000 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1624
C2000N6CB 2000 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463
C2000N6C 2000 60 Lean-Burn Gas S-1463


  • All components of our QSV91G series are designed, manufactured and integrated by Cummins for supreme performance and flexibility. Our generator sets combine low emissions, best-in-class load acceptance and efficiency to satisfy all your operational and environmental requirements.

Electrical Efficiency

  • Supplying electrical efficiency of up to 41% and NOx exhaust emissions as low as 0.5g/hp-h (250mg/Nm3), the QSV91G series offer the possibility of 90%+ energy efficient solutions in combined heat and power applications with minimal environmental impact.

Reliable Power

  • With up to 45% G1 ISO 8528 load step at 2000kWe, our advanced engine technology means that Cummins generator sets offer industry leading performance of load pickup transient capability. This ensures fewer voltage and frequency disturbances and faster recovery times, thus providing a rigid power supply for your requirements.
  • With 100% rejection load, our QSV91G series incorporate a range of turbocharger configurations tailored to your needs. Our generator sets with multi turbochargers are optimized for transient stability and handle large load swings quickly and effectively.

Fuel Flexibility 

  • Whether you use pipeline natural gas or other alternative gaseous fuels such as oilfield gas or biogas from landfills, the QSV91G series offer the ultimate flexibility. With power ratings of 1540kWe to 2000kWe, these 50 Hz and 60 Hz generator sets power a broad range of applications, from prime power in remote locations to standby, utility peaking, cogeneration and more. 
  • The QSV91G series operate on low-quality gases with lower BTU or energy content properties and varying methane numbers including flare gases from on-shore and off-shore oil and gas locations.

Cost Efficient

  • QSV91G series generator sets provide you with reduced maintenance costs per kWh, together with an outstanding worldwide responsive support network to maximize your value and economy. This results in lower total cost of ownership, providing predictive operating costs, long-term savings and faster payback on your investment.
  • With our established network of 600 distributors and 6,000 service and sales centers, we are ready to provide you with technical expertise and reliable assistance to keep your power up and running, anywhere in the world.

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