Cummins Hydraulic Generators

Cummins Hydraulic Generators for Commercial Mobile

Frequency (Hz) 60, 50
Certification N/A

The Cummins Hydraulic Series of generators are designed as a fully integrated power system that includes the hydraulic pump, motor generator, filtration system, oil cooler and reservoir in one complete, compact, and lightweight package.  Cummins Hydraulic generators start under full load and run at the rated output, giving you all the power and performance you’re paying for.


Commercial Mobile


  • High performance motor-starting capability for heavy loads
  • Digitally controlled pump flow for minimal voltage and frequency variation.
  • Meets full load capability at 120° F (50° C) ambient conditions
  • 4-point mounting system Designed to provide clean, quiet power with low vibration
  • Powder coated and stainless steel housings
  • Easy, single-side serviceability minimizes compartment space requirements
  • Multiple air inlet locations for flexible installation and compact size offering several mounting options
  • Hydraulic Circuit has over speed and under speed protection
  • Warranty
Generator Model Hz Phase Voltage Amps Spec Sheet
10RBAB-2010D 60 1 120/240 83/42 A-1497
15RBAB-2010D 60 1 120/240 125/63 A-1498
20RBAA-3576 60 1 120/240 166/83 A-1459
25RBAA-3579 60 1 120/240 208/104 A-1460
6RBAB-2010D 60 1 120/240 50/25 A-1495
8RBAB-2010D 60 1 120/240 67/33 A-1496
8RBAB-2010D 50 1 120/240 67/33 A-1499

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