The next generation of power arrives

Introducing Centum™ Series Generators

A new line of generator sets to meet the need for efficient and sustainable power.

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The next generation of power arrives in

The next generation of power arrives in












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The evolution is about to begin

cummins generator set in dark room with green lighting

In July 2022, Cummins will introduce a new platform for meeting the growing demand for power — Centum Series generators.

Developed in direct response to the needs and requests of specifying engineers, contractors and facility managers, the Centum Series is designed to address the challenges you face today, while looking ahead to those you anticipate in the future.

Cummins Centum Series™ generators represent a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design, offering next-level flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. This is more than the launch of a new product line; this is a long-term commitment to the next generation of power, our customers, the industry and our planet.

Your needs are the spec

With a complete spectrum of power ratings from new, higher-efficiency engines, you get exactly the right power you need for your unique requirements — without compromise.

Robust configuration flexibility ensures that each Centum system will meet or exceed local emissions regulations without sacrificing performance.

Power flexibility, your new edge

Centum Series generators are engineered to meet your power needs and your budget — optimizing the specification process.

Centum efficiently delivers the power you need in a smaller footprint, lowering both installation and fuel costs. Every aspect of your Centum Series generator is a business advantage.

The Cummins commitment

The Centum Series represents much more than a new approach to power generation. It’s a new standard for the next 100 years of power.

You’ll also get the rock-solid dependability Cummins is known for, encompassing the design, build, install and service by Cummins expert engineers and technicians.


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