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Cummins Business Services

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Engine Production

Darlington assembles on average over 250 diesel engines a day for use in a range of applications. The design, manufacture and distribution of advanced diesel engines demands a highly diverse team, employing engineers from apprentice to PHD-level, manufacturing experts, marketing and sales personnel, finance, business services and regulatory affairs professionals.

Darlington plant hits 1.5 million mid-range engines

Cummins Emission Solutions


Relocated to Darlington in 2008, today the plant is responsible for delivering the manufacturing and assembly of aftertreatment systems for a wide range of customers as well as delivering engineering expertise and sales support.

Darlington plant

Aftertreatment for on-highway

The aftertreatment systems for the B and L Series engines has been manufactured in Darlington for over 12 years. By being assembled at the same location as the bus and truck engines it is connected ensures that this integrated solution is engineered to the highest standard, creating a product that is robust with a long product life span which requires minimal maintenance.

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CES Darlington

Aftertreatment for off-highway

Darlington manufactures aftertreatment systems for off-highway applications that are designed to meet our customers’ needs for performance and reliability, while optimising fuel economy and cost savings. Our ability to develop and integrate in-house component technologies like our industry-leading aftertreatment systems enables us to produce engines that add value to both equipment manufacturers and operators.

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Hydrogen Engine

Reinventing the internal combustion engine to run on zero carbon hydrogen fuel is the aim of the Cummins technical centre at Darlington. The work on the Cummins hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) will carry on Darlington’s long tradition of skilled engineering which will continue to grow for many years to come as part of a green revolution in how we power trucks, excavators and other equipment towards zero carbon.

This pioneering project to develop a hydrogen-fuelled engine could potentially prevent over 11 million tons of carbon a year going into the atmosphere, equivalent to the yearly emissions of 2.4 million cars. Through this work Cummins Darlington has been awarded funding from Advanced Propulsion Centre UK and UK government to develop a zero carbon, hydrogen-fuelled engine.

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Cummins is building a new powertrain test facility at Darlington with fuel-agnostic capability

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