Tier 4 Engines for Oil and Gas

With 8 million hours of Tier 4 experience, Cummins’ proven engine platform has earned industry trust with its promise of innovation and dependability for well servicing and drilling markets.

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Why SCR Technology?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems are not a new concept in the industry. The emissions regulation option first appeared in the on-highway space in 2007 and has continued to make its way into industrial spaces such as marine, mining, and rail markets. In the Oil & Gas industry, Cummins has made the switch to supporting EPA Tier 4 emissions standards by implementing robust SCR systems which result in critical emissions and fuel economy improvements for our customers. The decision to utilize proven SCR systems was influenced by its anticipated longevity in the industry and positive impact on customer performance. SCR systems deliver the reliability and operational efficiency that you have come to expect from Cummins solutions.

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qsk50 tier 4 dual fuel for well servicing

Well Servicing Applications

QSK50 Tier 4 Dual Fuel

In demanding oil and gas applications, dependability is everything. That’s why we have created a new Dual Fuel offering using our proven QSK50 oilfield engine platform. With over 1000 units in the field and 8 million hours of Tier 4 experience, you can upgrade your operation with a first fit solution or a minor rebuild to your existing engine. 

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The clean power of Cummins Tier 4 lets you get more done

cummins qsk50 tier 4 drilling power module

Drilling Services

QSK50 DPM EPA Tier 4 Final

Cummins’ QSK50 Tier 4 Final drilling power modules have been developed to meet the stringent measures introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Tier 4 Final emissions standards, In comparison to Tier 2 and Tier 3, Tier 4 Final products represent a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gases. The QSK50 Tier 4 drilling power module produces 45% less nitrous oxides and 85% less particulate matter than its Tier 2 predecessor.

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