Cummins EX Ratings

The NEXT Level

Of Powertrain Optimization


The combination of either the 2020 or later X15 Efficiency Series or 2021 X12 engine with EX ratings, Endurant HD transmission, and GPS look-ahead data gives you the next level of powertrain optimization. Currently, EX ratings provide access to 4 unique features including On-Ramp Boost - a proprietary feature exclusive to Cummins. Future updates will continue to provide access to electronic engine and transmission features that improve driver performance and operational efficiency.

Previous powertrain features like SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control - which required a unique ADEPTTM calibration - are enabled on EX ratings by default.


2021 X15 Endurant Fuel



2021 X15 Efficiency Endurant Fuel


Available Features1 Description
Predictive Gear Shifting Enhances transmission gear selection using look ahead data in order to improve vehicle performance on hills.
On-Ramp Boost Identifies when a vehicle is on an on-ramp and allows for improved vehicle acceleration to assist in the merging maneuver.
Predictive Braking Uses look ahead data and improved transmission integration to better control vehicle speed on hills.
Dynamic Power Power rating adapts to route and vehicle load to allow for improved fuel economy during easy drive cycles and adequate performance during difficult drive cycles.
Hill Roll Out Temporarily increases vehicle speed at the end of a downhill to efficiently cross upcoming terrain.

1Features availability may vary based on OEM.


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