Ask the Defense Experts

Cummins has a long history of fueling innovations that power the success of customers across the globe.  With over 70 years of experience in the Defense industry, and experts spread across the world, Cummins is the best partner to help power your operation. Let our experts share some of our best insights about the past, present and future of Cummins Defense.

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The worldwide perspective of Cummins

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Our strategies on global defense

Learn about the global advantage Cummins brings to the defense industry and our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs.

Hosted by Regina Barringer, Global Rail and Defense General Manager


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Product development at Cummins

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Learn how Cummins readies its engines for action

Learn how Cummins’ products are used for an array of military applications. With our many years of military and diesel engine experience, Cummins can effectively adapt to changing demands and technologies in the world of defense.

Hosted by Andrew G. Stiles, Chief Engineer for Cummins V903 Project


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Durable performance

Unique, robust solutions for defense applications

Designing and building specialized equipment has a unique set of constraints and challenges. It takes experts working together to find solutions that are robust, reliable and interface cleanly with other systems on the equipment. No one brings greater resources to this task than Cummins.


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The future of Cummins defense

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Investing in the future of the defense industry

Learn how the defense industry is evolving and how Cummins plans to invest in technologies of the future.​

Hosted by Carlos Gasteazoro, Cummins Defense Segment Leader


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History of Cummins defense

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Rich history, dependable products

Learn about Cummins’ rich history in the defense industry and how Cummins has powered militaries in the past and how it will do so in the future.​

Hosted by Dion Anglin, Director of Cummins Defense Market


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