Cummins Portable Pump for Dewatering Applications

Cummins Portable Pump for Dewatering Applications

Power 49 - 74 hp
37 - 55 kW
Displacement 2.8L
Certification EPA Tier 4F

The Cummins Portable Pump for Dewatering Applications is purpose-built for wastewater transfer, mine dewatering, salt water disposal and emergency water removal.

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Available Regions

US and Canada,  Mexico


With its heavy-duty cast-iron construction, ability to self-prime when filled with water and re-prime automatically, the Cummins portable pump models lead the industry in water and waste water removal. The Cummins portable pumps include unique trailer features: reinforced step and safety handle, LED work lights, and beacon warning light and the optional sound-attenuated enclosure emits at or below 67 decibels. Unlike the competition, Cummins provides a two-year, 2000 hour warranty that completely services the portable pump (engine, pump, and trailer) - Cummins CARE is available 24/7 to provide immediate service.

Model Water flow rate (gpm) Flange Total dynamic head (tdh) (feet) Pump operating pressure (psi) Hp @ 2500 rpm Spec Sheet
C1350D4, C1350D4E* up to 1350 4x4 135 50 49 NAS-CP1350D4-C2600D4E
C2600D4, C2600D4E* up to 2600 6x6 150 65 74 NAS-CP1350D4-C2600D4E

* model with enclosure

Model Name Engine Type Displacement Certification Power Min (Hp) Power Max (Hp) Spec Sheet
C1350D4, C1350D4E, C2600D4, C2600D4E QSF2.8 2.8L EPA Tier 4F
Spec Sheet
  • Two-year, 2000 hour base warranty supported by a worldwide Cummins twenty-four hour, seven days-a-week, distributor network
  • Cummins warrants and services all unit components
  • Pump control is pre-programmed with Cummins fault codes for ease of service from remote locations
  • Remote mounting of the engine Electronic Control Module (ECM) allows rapid plug-in diagnostics and data downloads using electronic tools
  • Tier 4 Final near-zero emissions
  • Enclosed impeller passes up to 3" diameter spherical solids
  • Trailer includes reinforced step and safety handle, LED work lights, and beacon warning light
  • Optional sound-attenuated enclosure for residential or low-noise conditions emits at or below 67 decibels at 30 feet for low locations
  • Fully-automatic, dry priming - automatic priming and re-priming up to 28 feet of vertical lift
  • Audible alarm
  • Large 100-gallon fuel tank with option to connect an auxiliary fuel source

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