Global Impact

The mission of Cummins’ community engagement work is to support our employees as they help build more prosperous communities around the world, partnering to help solve some of the most difficult societal problems. Corporate Responsibility at Cummins means empowering people to thrive in their day-to-day lives.

We believe a company is only as healthy as the communities where it operates. This implies a broader level of involvement: engaging in dialogue around problems, building coalitions around solutions and finding resources and skills to build the capability of our communities. It also allows us to attract and retain the very best talent, people who use their unique skills in and outside of Cummins.

Investing in our global communities has long been an important objective for Cummins, a vision that started with our former chairman and CEO, J. Irwin Miller. Our dedication to responsible citizenship has been reinforced by every successive Cummins leader and our work to make our global communities strong and equitable is as vital as ever.

Investing in communities is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. Strong communities are good for business and good for people. Solving problems in our communities makes us a strong, growing company."

- Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO

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