Emerald Azzurra: Luxurious Super Yacht Cruises


Cruise ships come in all sizes from multi-thousands of passengers to a few dozen. But they divide into two general groups. The big mega ships with endless entertainment onboard and the more rugged small expedition cruisers capable of getting into the interesting nooks and crannies of a coast.

Recently construction of a new vessel began. It will carve out its own unique set of cruise parameters. At 110-meters the Emerald Azzurra fits the pocket cruise vessel size but with luxury appointments she exceeds some of the features of the mega palaces of the cruise world. Multiple lounges, bars, and recreational areas provide ample entertainment for an exclusive complement of just 100 guests in 50 staterooms. A 64-member crew will cater to the passengers every need.

Currently under construction in Vietnam, the yacht-like vessel will begin its maiden cruise in the Mediterranean in July of 2021. David Winterton, director of marketing UK and global brand curator for Emerald Cruises, explained to a travel magazine, “This will be small ship cruising, exploring the nooks and crannies of Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines. We’ll be able to stop where we fancy to let guests go snorkelling, paddle boarding and swimming. It’ll be a beautiful experience you don’t get on bigger ships.”

See: https://www.emeraldyachtcruises.com/

The owners of the Emerald Azzurra operate vessels in a wide range of rivers from the Danube to the Mekong. The new vessel offers the potential for cruises along some of the most spectacular coast lines in the world. Potential itineraries, like the profile of the vessel, share much with the super yachts that frequent those same waters.

This is a company with extensive experience in designing luxurious yacht-like accommodations to pamper their guests. They are also a firm with the technical knowledge of the need for reliable propulsion and auxiliary power requirements to satisfy the pleasure and comfort of the most discerning guests.

In the vessel’s immaculate and well-designed engine room, Cummins marine engines dominate. Main propulsion will be a pair of IMO III compliant QSK60-M engines turning 2350 m/m, five-blade, propellers through marine gears. The mains are each producing 1641 kW at 1800 RPM. For electrical power to support the myriad of onboard appliances from hot tubs to the gourmet galley, there are three QSK19-DM powered generators. All five of these engines are fitted with SCR exhaust after treatment systems. A QSB emergency genset with HUG supplying a DPF on the gensets separately.

Scenic, the parent company of Emerald Yacht, was founded in Newcastle, Australia by Glen Moroney. The company started in 1986 with coach tours operating throughout Australia. Over time it expanded to tours of Canada and Alaska and other locals. In 2008, Scenic began building its own custom touring ships. By 2016 they had 20 ships on the European rivers. In 2016 they began cruises on the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. The current build project is part of a concerted expansion into coastal cruises. 

Photo courtesy of Scenic
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