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Shipbuilders and sailors all over the world depend on Cummins engines and generators to power their vessels. Whether you're on the water for fun, profit, or adventure (or all three), you know that Cummins has you covered.

Esteemed marine authors Alan Haig-Brown and Lisa Overing write the interesting and insightful vessel references listed below, complete with contact information if you want to know more about each installation.

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“Builders choose Onan generators because of the ease of using Onan, and it is backed by Cummins, so the supply chain should be better, too." Fishermen appreciate quiet Onan gensets Custom-built pleasure crafts represent the ultimate vessel in luxury design, naval architecture and craftsmanship. As the epitome and vision of a discriminating, private yacht owner, one-off dreamboats demand premium marine equipment, only the very best.
"I’m a big believer in Cummins products, and I’ve never had a problem getting Cummins parts."
License to Thrill Always moments away from leaping aboard a classy powerboat and then driving it like he stole it, the fictional James Bond would gravitate to the Technohull Omega 47 for his next dramatic, implausibly long, high-speed boat chase from some nefarious villain headquartered in a remote island compound.
"The Cummins KTA19s provide the perfect amount of power to do our job." — Brennan Templet, mate and pilot of Richard B Scream all you want in the swamp, no one will ever hear you - or help you.
"Up here, near Cape Cod, there’s a lot of support [from Cummins]. The Dunham dealership is open all the time. I also have Cummins X15’s in all my work and pickup trucks for my excavation company." — Capt. Anthony Belculfine  Smart diesel QSC8.3 600 gets out in front of the fleet The shocking combination of horsepower with efficiency is just one benefit of finding the perfect boat and customizing it, with form following function. After purchasing his sportfisher in December 2019, Capt.
Liveaboard, Spanish-inspired llaut loaded with style, creature comforts Wrapped in luxury amid the waves gently lapping the hull of the Menorquin 68 is a sensual experience at sea. Three lovely staterooms with four berths encourage sleeping in just a little bit longer.
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