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Shipbuilders and sailors all over the world depend on Cummins engines and generators to power their vessels. Whether you're on the water for fun, profit, or adventure (or all three), you know that Cummins has you covered.

Esteemed marine author Alan Haig-Brown writes the interesting and insightful vessel references listed below, complete with contact information if you want to know more about each installation.

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The Zhoushan Islands are just off shore of east China's Zhejiang province, and lie south of Shanghai on Hangzhou Bay. The main island is home to a naval base, shipyards and a port. It is a busy island with a well-developed ferry system carrying both people and vehicles back and forth to the mainland.
Poland’s impressive history in maritime research will continue to grow with the delivery of two new multipurpose vessels in the second and third quarters of 2020.  Under construction at the noted Remontowa Shipbuiding yard in Gdańsk the two 60 by 12.8-meter vessels will replace two 35-year old vessels working under the direction of the maritime office in Szczecin and Gdynia.
With a rugged coastline and many fjords to cross Norway has become a world leader in progressive ferry design. Turkey, with a skilled work force and broad marine experience has become a leader in ferry construction. Put the two together and you have the teamwork that results in the Basto series of RO-RO ferries.
There is something special about workboats in the 20-meter range. Their size gives them versatility in the work from towing to pushing and anchor handling to ploughing while have the capability to handle most weather. With good design and adequate power they can run light at over ten knots.
When Steve Corkum Jr. of Yarmouth Sea Products couldn’t find a yard prepared to build 15 lobster boats in a single order, he started his own shipyard. Bayview Marine recently launched the first in the 15-boat series and is well pleased with the initial performance.
Cummins Vessel Reference #861 Iguazú Jungle is a company providing tourist excursions on Argentina’s Iguazú River. In total, the fleet transports approximately 1,200 passengers daily up through the river’s powerful currents to the foot of the Iguazú Falls in the National Park.
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