Apttus Contract Management Platform Data Protection Notice – Terms of Use

This Data Protection Notice and Terms of Use are provided by Cummins Inc. (“Cummins”) in relation to the contract management platform that you are about to access. Please read this document carefully. Upon providing your electronic consent below, you agree to be legally bound by its terms.


The platform that you are about to access is a contract management platform that Cummins makes available to authorized users. Cummins has provided this notice to inform you about your responsibilities in relation to those materials, including the personal data accessible through them or through this platform.


The contracts that are included within this platform contain proprietary, confidential, non-public information, including, for example, personal data pertaining to Cummins workforce members and our third party partners, and business information and know-how. The platform is approved for use by authorized individuals only, including designated Cummins employees, contractors, and other third parties.


You confirm that as an approved user, you will only use this platform and the contracts and data contained within it in accordance with your professional responsibilities for Cummins and not for any separate purpose. If you are a Cummins workforce member, you must also only use this platform consistent with Cummins’ employee policies and procedures, and that if you are a third party partner, you must only use it consistent with Cummins’ code of conduct standards for customers and suppliers. This includes, for example, not using the platform for any purpose that involves discrimination, harassment, or other unlawful or unprofessional conduct, or using the platform for any purpose unrelated to your professional responsibilities for Cummins. You also understand that any attempts to access or use contracts or information through this platform for purposes unrelated to your work is strictly prohibited.


You also understand that you may not share information accessible to you through this platform with individuals or businesses who do not have a legitimate need to know, such as individuals who are not parties to or working on the agreement at issue. Should you have any questions about whether a particular individual or business can receive access to an agreement, please check with the relevant Cummins supervisor in advance of any sharing.


You confirm that any information that you include in this database or in the contracts is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge, and not intentionally false. Should you become aware that any of the information is out-of- date or false, you will take appropriate steps, if feasible and as warranted, to correct or update that information.


You acknowledge that the information accessible to you through this platform is the property of Cummins Inc.


You confirm that you will not attempt to alter or otherwise negatively affect the integrity of any materials or data included within this platform. This includes, for example, your commitment that you will not attempt to alter, remove or bypass any security safeguards contained on this platform or otherwise attempt to install any viruses, malware or other items that could compromise the security or integrity of the platform or the data that it contains.


Based upon the confidential, proprietary nature of the agreements contained in this platform, you confirm that you will take steps to protect the data from loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or unauthorized access. This applies to both electronic copies of the data as well as any hard copies that are printed from the system.


You understand that violations of the requirements in this Data Protection Notice and Terms of Use may result in disciplinary measures to Cummins employees that are commensurate with the situation, including termination or other legal remedies. As warranted, third-parties will also be subject to disciplinary measures that may include termination of Cummins’ agreement with you and/or other legal remedies.

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