Protecting your Business When Disaster Strikes

When the power goes out, small business owners are at enormous risk. Not only do they have to factor in lost revenue from fewer working days, but also lost inventory, lost data and, if the company ships products, lost reputation. Power outages from winter storms could translate to thousands of dollars lost from your bottom line. Is your business prepared for the possibility of a power outage lasting days or even weeks?

Reference Medical Center Will Rely on Cummins Energy

MEXICO - In 2010, Hellion Zambrano Medical Center will be opened. This technological project in Monterrey will supply highly specialized medical services, ongoing education and research, to offer groundbreaking medical services to Mexico and, also, to the world.

This great project is supported by the local Cummins Power Generation distributor, Megamak, responsible for ensuring the safety of the medical center with reliable, seamless energy. Four Cummins Generator Sets models 450DFEJ, 750DFHA, 1000DFHD and C1500D6 will be supplied.

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