Five Things About Electrification You'll Only Hear from Cummins

Here are five things to remember:


That’s why Cummins has pledged to first bring to market an all-electric powertrain for buses and delivery vehicles by 2019. We believe electric vehicles make the most sense in urban areas where the drive ranges are shorter and the vehicles can more easily be recharged. Many cities around the world are looking at electrification as a means to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Cummins Announces Acquisition of Energy Storage Technology

"To be a leading provider of electrified power systems just as we are with diesel and natural gas driven powertrains, we must own key elements and subsystems of the electrification network," said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc. "By adding the expertise of Brammo and its employees to Cummins, we are taking a step forward in our electrification business and differentiating ourselves from our competition. As always, when markets are ready, Cummins will bring our customers the right power solution at the right time to power their success."

Get to Know Brammo, the Company Recently Acquired by Cummins

Cummins recently announced their acquisition of Brammo, Inc., which designs and develops battery packs for mobile and stationary applications. Adding Brammo’s battery pack expertise and resources is an important milestone in Cummins’ efforts to become a global electrified power leader.

Here are five interesting facts about Brammo and their products.


Update: Power for Padarwadi, and Beyond

The news is good from Padarwadi, but there have been some difficult times, too.

It’s been more than two years since the tiny village in India, accessible only by foot, received a generator converted by engineers at Cummins India to run on oil from a local seed.

The generator powered a small mill to husk the rice that village residents grew so they didn’t have to make hundreds of trips to the nearest town. That town is more than seven miles away round-trip, through mountainous terrain.

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