Santa’s Sleigh Repowered with Cummins this Christmas

North Pole engineers say Santa Claus will make his annual rounds in record time this year thanks to a newly repowered sleigh. The sleigh’s factory nine reindeer power plant was recently upgraded to 160 horses, thanks to a brand new Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel crate engine.

Workshop spokeself Jeremy Tinsel says convincing the big guy was the hardest part of the transition. “You know, Nick, he’s kind of traditional, so he was reluctant at first. Then, we showed him the power curve. When he saw 267 pound-feet of torque at 1600-3200 rpm, he was sold.”

Cummins Unveils Repower™ Diesel Crate Engine Program at SEMA SHOW 2016

Each year, the SEMA Show plays host to tens of thousands of the most influential people in the automotive specialty products industry. They gather from across the country and around the globe to exchange ideas, network and get their hands on the industry’s hottest new products. That made this year’s SEMA Show the perfect venue to announce one of the most exciting new offerings in Cummins history – Cummins Repower™.

Finding Cummins Genuine Parts and Dealers

Quality craftsmanship and unmatched service lie at the heart of every Cummins engine. Over the course of many miles and countless hours, though, you’ll need some help to keep your diesel engine or generator operating at peak performance.

That’s why we built a worldwide network of support, maintenance and service for our customers. When it’s time for a tune-up, here’s how to find the best parts and service options near you:

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