Exciting Cummins Innovations on the Horizon in 2017

X15 Performance and Efficiency Series for Heavy-Duty Truck

Cummins legendary ISX15 heavy-duty truck engine has been an industry favorite for nearly 20 years. In 2017, Cummins engineers are taking reliability, performance and efficiency to the next level with full production of the X15 Performance and Efficiency Series engines. The new X15 engine platform is an innovative approach to duty-cycle optimization, with two distinct engine series offerings so that owners don’t have to compromise.

Mexico Plants Making Wise Use of Water

Water can be a scarce resource in certain regions of Mexico, but Cummins plants in the country have implemented a variety of initiatives to use the resource wisely.

At Cummins New and ReCon Parts in San Luis Potosi, plant officials are monitoring soil moisture in green areas to create efficient irrigation methods.

They harvest rainwater from a cistern with a capacity of 3,612 cubic meters and 17,000 square meters of grass were replaced with native vegetation that consumes less water.

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