Art All Around Us

Created by artist Kendall Buster, this sculpture is one of many artworks that will be integrated throughout the nine-story building.

Though the project is not yet complete, Cummins already has been credited with bringing its architectural legacy to Indianapolis through creating a dynamic, people-centric work environment for employees and customers, while contributing to the city’s social and economic vibrancy.

My View on Trade - Dan Del Genio, Director of Global Trade Management and Compliance

The following op-ed was authored by Dan Del Genio, Director of Global Trade Management and Compliance at Cummins

I have been with Cummins 17 years, beginning in internal audit in 1999. Since then I have served in several roles in HR and legal, and I have been in my current role as Director of Global Trade Management and Compliance since 2011.

Making The Case for International Trade

When CEO Tom Linebarger looks at the Cummins’ high horsepower plant and tech center in Seymour, Indiana, he sees the critical importance of international trade.

The 800-employee facility produces Cummins’ QSK95, the largest high speed diesel engine in the world. The company has invested about $500 million to launch the engine, and just over two-thirds will be shipped outside the United States.

Trade Agreements Offer Benefits for U.S. Employers and Employees

The following op-ed was authored by Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO of Cummins Inc. and Chair of the Business Roundtable International Engagement Committee; and Mike Bertsche, the President & CEO of Camcraft.

After years of negotiations, the 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is facing its toughest challenge yet: election-year politics.

Baja Project is About Innovation...And Fun

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of articles about Valvoline and Cummins' attempt to compete at the 49th SCORE Baja 1000 in November 2016. Read the first article here. 

The Valvoline-Cummins team expected to make some repairs after the first of its two trucks was “thrashed” during testing this summer at the Badlands Off-Road Park in northwestern Indiana (U.S.A.) – but not quite so quickly.

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