Cummins Engineers Welcome Students to the Wonders of STEM

Some students at Schmitt Elementary will soon spend part of their school day having fun with rubber bands, straws, plastic tubes and other household items.

Not to worry, it’s just the second year of an innovative introduction to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) called the Curiosity Machine. More than 70 Cummins engineers will be helping 5th and 6th graders at the school build airplanes, rockets and other cool stuff.

Storm Season Is In Full Force. Are You Ready For A Power Outage?

It happens like clockwork every May.

The air gets warmer and the weather gets less predictable and more intense, and we all know it’s coming. So there are really few excuses not to have a backup power plan in place. After all, you may only lose power for a couple of minutes, but it could also end up being weeks. And enduring a power outage that long could prove to be a miserable experience.

Cummins TEC Opens Minds...And Doors

Berfu Alev and her "family" of female students in Izmir, Turkey, are changing perceptions of what it means to work in a technical career.

Like others in Cummins’ TEC: Technical Education for Communities program, family has been a motivating factor in their success.

“I think I can help other girls in the technical field,” said Alev, a student at Ege University. “I try to remove the stigmas and stereotypes associated with the ‘dirtiness’ of a technical career and highlight the state-of-the-art equipment that today’s professionals use.”

Celebrating National Women in Engineering Day (UK)

Editor's Note: A version of this article originally appeared on the official blog of Cummins Generator Technologies (STAMFORD | AvK)

As part of Cummins' global initiative to promote and develop women across the company, Cummins will host its European Women in Technology Conference June, 21_23 at Cummins Generator Technologies’ (CGT) global headquarters in Peterborough, UK. Last year's conference was held in Columbus, Indiana.

‘Model Villages’ program celebrates fifth anniversary of delivering hope

Five years ago, Banudas Sarak cultivated his barren farmland, producing a single crop just once a year. By 2015, his crops multiplied, yielding 12 months of work and an additional $8,000 in annual income.

He is one of many near Phaltan, India whose lives have improved significantly because of Cummins India’s “Model Villages” program.

“I am thankful to Cummins for showing the way,” Sarak said. “There is no looking back.”

Cummins Achieves Two Key Environmental Goals

Cummins achieved its water and energy goals in 2015, but still has a considerable way to go to meet its 2020 recycling goals.

“The environmental teams around the globe truly had an outstanding year,” said Mark Dhennin, Director of Energy Efficiency and Environment at Cummins.  “There was a lot of effort that went into delivering on our commitments, which our environmental professionals met with great skill and enthusiasm.”

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