Cummins Receives Record Number of Patents in 2017

Cummins engineers and scientists received a record 287 patents in 2017 from the U.S. and countries around the world, about an 11 percent increase over 2016.

“It can take several years to acquire a patent, so comparing numbers on a year-to-year basis is not a perfect measure,” said Wayne Eckerle, Vice President of Research and Technology at Cummins. “But we’ve seen a pretty consistent increase since 2013 as our engineering teams live the company’s vision of ‘innovating for our customers to power their success.’”

Cummins CEO Tells Environmental Group Good Stewardship Pays Off

A company that makes engines and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) might at first glance seem like an unusual pairing, but in an interview posted this week with Cummins Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger the two find plenty of common ground.

Speaking with the EDF’s Fred Krupp, Linebarger makes a strong case for how environmental stewardship is paying off for Cummins.

New Microsoft-Cummins Lab Could Impact More Than Datacenters

Officials from Microsoft, Cummins, and McKinstry celebrated the start of operations Wednesday, October 25, at their new advanced energy lab in Seattle, Washington, maintaining it could deliver important insights not just on powering datacenters, but on a host of other energy-intensive activities.

“In the future, the research work done here will help us and our customers in really diverse applications and market segments,” said Gary Johansen, Executive Director of Power Systems Engineering at Cummins.

Cummins Technical Center Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

“We are building the most important diesel research center in the world,” longtime Cummins Chairman and CEO J. Irwin Miller said a half century ago. “…We mean business. We mean never again to have to respond to a competitor’s development. We mean to beat him on each move, and be out first with a product so clearly superior in economy, bulk, weight and long life that our excellence does not have to be argued.”

Jamestown Plant Leads the Way in Energy Efficiency


The plant recently showcased its latest initiative, a $47 million block machining line that utilizes on-demand hydraulics, coolant and pneumatics to reduce energy consumption as it produces the company’s high efficiency diesel and natural gas heavy duty engines.

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