Cummins Turbo Technologies Large Turbocharger Range Makes European Debut at Intermat

The extensive range, set to make its European debut at INTERMAT (20-25 April 2015), provides robust flexible solutions for the off-highway sector. The launch will allow Cummins Turbo Technologies to bring to market the most efficient turbochargers in the heavy duty range with new technologies capable of improving overall turbocharger efficiency by up to 10%.*

Full Speed Ahead for Waste Heat Recovery Project

The Engine Waste Heat Recovery Research Programme, which received funding through the Regional Growth Fund in October 2011, is now developing and testing a next generation, green technology that recovers wasted heat from various points of the engine, and uses it to increase overall efficiency.

The extra power can be channelled into useful electrical (5kWe) power in the engine system, replacing alternator systems and aiding significantly growing electricity requirements in modern trucks.

Surface Engineering of Turbomachinery Components to Meet Future Industry Trends

Novel Solutions for Materials Engineering
Increased demands are being placed upon turbochargers as a result of ever more stringent emissions regulations, a necessity for improved product performance and reliability and a requirement for a wider product operating range. Consequently, a greater level of stress is placed upon the materials from which turbochargers are manufactured. In order to achieve all of the necessary legislation and customer requirements, novel solutions to materials engineering challenges are being developed.

Development of Cummins Turbo Technologies Integrated M²™ Two-Stage systems Architecture using Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) Technology for the Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo-Diesel Engine

Cummins Turbo Technologies recently launched a pioneering new Two-Stage turbocharger, the next generation Holset M²™ Two-Stage System with Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) which is Cummins most sophisticated turbocharger to date and delivers high efficiency, excellent driveability and low emissions levels.

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