Cummins Helps Fuel a Community’s Commitment to STEM

Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins may seem like a simple statement but it’s what guides 54,000 Cummins employees. Today, Cummins engineers are working together to build a brighter future through a lightweight engine that produces zero emissions. Although the engine does not work, employees are using it to turbocharge the minds of aspiring engineers.

Redefining Tour Demonstrates How Cummins Delivers on its Mission

After driving most of the more than 76,000 miles covered during Cummins Redefining Tour, Mike Carlson said he’ll never think about fuel economy in quite the same way.

Hauling just over 60,000 pounds as part of the 36-city tour across North America to demonstrate some of the company’s latest technology, Carlson said he frequently got better than 9 miles per gallon in the tractor-trailer he drove for most of the tour while averaging better than 8 miles-per-gallon over the entire trip.

New System Extends Fuel-Saving Technology to Standard Buses

Cummins today unveiled a revolutionary new system for its ISB engines that brings the fuel economy benefits of stop-start technology to conventional buses. The technology, which saves fuel by shutting down the engine when a vehicle is not moving, had only previously been available on far more expensive diesel-electric hybrid buses.

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