New System Extends Fuel-Saving Technology to Standard Buses

Cummins today unveiled a revolutionary new system for its ISB engines that brings the fuel economy benefits of stop-start technology to conventional buses. The technology, which saves fuel by shutting down the engine when a vehicle is not moving, had only previously been available on far more expensive diesel-electric hybrid buses.

Cummins Celebrates National Women in Engineering Day

On National Women in Engineering Day, held June 23 in the United Kingdom, employees from Cummins Power Generation (CPG) stayed busy by working across sites in Kent, Peterborough and Stamford, England in support of the Cummins Women in Technology (CWiT) forum, an initiative championed by Cummins’ Chief Technical Officer, John Wall. Their aim? To encourage careers in STEM and promote opportunities for women in engineering.

Fleet Reduces Global Warming with Natural Gas Engines from Cummins Westport

Indiana’s largest beer and wine distributor has announced it will convert 85 percent of its heavy duty truck fleet to Cummins Westport engines fueled by compressed natural gas.

The Monarch Beverage Company is partnering with Cummins and several other companies on the project, which will include an on-site compressed natural gas fueling station to be completed by March, 2013.

Creating an Urban Oasis

The Cummins campus in Guarulhos, Brazil, is near several major highways and São Paulo’s international airport. Traffic in the area is frequently bumper-to-bumper. Green space is limited.

But over the past three years, nearly 800 Cummins employees have planted some 5,000 trees in the area. Not only has their work helped beautify the city, the air is cleaner, dust has been reduced and temperatures are down in some areas.

Employees Work to Protect Native Trees and Grasses in Wisconsin

Kent Roberts has a very personal connection to preserving a 5-acre parcel of oak trees and other vegetation in Mineral Point, Wis. where the Community Involvement Team at Cummins Emission Solutions has been working for the past three years.

The park-like area, known as an oak savanna, is named for his former teacher who started the preservation effort.

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