Cummins Employees Help Saudi Women Get Their Turn to Drive


Many drivers’ education classes had long waiting lists and surveys showed a significant number of Saudi women were reluctant to exercise their new right. So the Cummins Community Involvement Team in Saudi Arabia, and Olayan, the company’s partner in a three-country distribution joint venture, organized driver safety workshops in three locations around Saudi Arabia this month.

Our Journey: Technical Women’s Initiative

“Can you do a project to look at barriers and enablers to have more women in the engineering function?” That was the question posed to Anne McLaren and other Cummins engineers dedicated to improving the representation of technical women at Cummins.

That project led to the Cummins Technical Women’s Initiative, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017. The goals of this initiative are to attract, develop, and retain technical women at all levels and in all regions, and to have technical women equally represented across all levels of leadership.

Cummins Inc. Announces Cummins Powers Women, A Landmark Initiative to Accelerate the Advancement of Women and Girls around the World

Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced today – on International Women’s Day – Cummins Powers Women, a landmark community initiative to advance its long-term commitment to the empowerment of women and girls around the world.

As part of this program, Cummins has partnered with a network of trusted nonprofits to make a larger, more sustainable and long-lasting impact in the communities in which it operates.

Cummins Brings its Global Technical Education Program to the U.S.

The TEC program is a global initiative that targets the technical skills gap through local vocational education programs. It delivers a standardized education platform to help school partners develop market-relevant curriculum, teacher training, career guidance and the practical experience needed by students. 

“We look forward to bringing to Memphis this global community education program that has trained over 1,000 students to date,” said Mary Titsworth Chandler, CEO of the Cummins Foundation.

Cummins Technical Center Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

“We are building the most important diesel research center in the world,” longtime Cummins Chairman and CEO J. Irwin Miller said a half century ago. “…We mean business. We mean never again to have to respond to a competitor’s development. We mean to beat him on each move, and be out first with a product so clearly superior in economy, bulk, weight and long life that our excellence does not have to be argued.”

Jamestown Plant Leads the Way in Energy Efficiency


The plant recently showcased its latest initiative, a $47 million block machining line that utilizes on-demand hydraulics, coolant and pneumatics to reduce energy consumption as it produces the company’s high efficiency diesel and natural gas heavy duty engines.

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