New System Extends Fuel-Saving Technology to Standard Buses

Cummins today unveiled a revolutionary new system for its ISB engines that brings the fuel economy benefits of stop-start technology to conventional buses. The technology, which saves fuel by shutting down the engine when a vehicle is not moving, had only previously been available on far more expensive diesel-electric hybrid buses.

Cummins Celebrates Opening of New Seymour Technical Center for High-HP Engines

A New Era in Research and Development

Cummins today celebrated the opening of the new Seymour Technical Center, a global tech center office for the High-Horsepower Engine Business in Seymour, Indiana.

The center is co-located with the Seymour Engine Plant in close proximity to 22 test cells dedicated to engine research and development work for mining, rail, oil and gas, marine, power generation and industrial applications.

Cummins Featured by BBC and Fortune Magazine

Dark. Dirty. Dangerous. Declining. Those are the words that likely pop into the heads of people when they think of "manufacturing." However, modern manufacturing actually means something completely different. It means thriving business, technological innovation, diversified products and quality jobs. In the United States, there's a manufacturing resurgence taking place and Indiana is helping lead the way.

The Legacy of the Cummins No. 8 Race Car

Of all the Cummins race cars, none is as well-traveled as the 1931 No. 8 Cummins Diesel. From the famous Indianapolis speedway to a tour round the world, the No. 8 car was the model for efficiency and reliability.

Cummins founder Clessie Cummins originally installed his 4-cylinder model U engine in a Duesenberg chassis and in February 1931, drove it to Daytona Beach and set a new diesel speed record averaging 100.755 miles per hour (mph).

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