How to Protect Your Pets Before, During and After the Storm

Despite these measures, countless pets were still lost or abandoned in 2017 during one of the most damaging hurricane seasons in history.

When extreme weather hits, pets can get loose, scared and lost. It’s often difficult to find them after. As you prepare for the severe weather conditions, don’t forget to plan for your pet’s safety.

Prepping Before the Storm

Put together your pet’s emergency kit, including:

How to Ensure Your Smart Home Stays Connected

Technology is allowing you to live safely and securely in your home. But what about when the power goes out?

In his recent blog, Eric Murrell, founder of the smart home and technology blog “At Home in the Future,” shares tips on how to make sure your smart home stays connected at the times when you need it most. Learn more on Eric's blog: Three Ways to Ensure Your Smart Home Stays Connected.

Four Ways to Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Here are 4 ways you can put your tax refund to work for you:

Pay Off a Small Debt

Put your tax refund toward paying off a high-interest credit card. Start with the credit card that has the highest interest rate. Doing so will save you much more money in the long run. If you have already paid off your credit card debt, think about making an extra payment on your school loans, car payment or mortgage.

College Fund

Cummins Dual Redundant DMC8000 Simulator Takes Center Stage at Middle East Electricity Exhibition Dubai

At the Middle East Electricity (MEE) Exhibition, held from 6-8th of March in Dubai, Cummins showcased its skills in the Power System sector with the on-stand presence of a DMC8000 Simulator. Assisted by the UK-based Power Systems Marketing group, Resty M Esperanza and Medhat Mohamed of Cummins Africa Middle East laid on an impressive demonstration of simulation capabilities. 

Colombian Dealer Begins New Round of Cummins Power Seminars

Following the success of two Power Seminars in the Colombian cities of Cali and Manizales in 2016, Cummins dealer Tecnodiesel last month hosted a new series of three events in Popayán, Cali and Pasto. The success of these latest Power Seminars means three more are planned for later this year, and the seminars will now become a regular annual occurrence.

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