Cummins Unveils its Latest 500 kVA Generator Sets at African event

Cummins Car & General, the Kenyan joint venture between Cummins and its established distributor in the country, has demonstrated 500 kVA generator sets powered by QSX15G8 engines to selected consultants, contractors and customers. The event in Nairobi drew an attendance of more than 90, including representatives from electrical, mechanical and plumbing consultants, contractors, customers from defence forces, banks, parastatal representatives, oil industry players, dealers and staff.

Cummins Customers, Distributors and Employees from Brazil Attend Fly-In Power Seminar

Cummins Power Systems brought together a group of 20 individuals from Brazil for the company's 2018 Fly-In Power Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the end of April. The group comprised a balance of members, including representatives of distributors, customers from across a variety of segments, and members of the Power Systems Latin America team.

How to Protect Your Pets Before, During and After the Storm

Despite these measures, countless pets were still lost or abandoned in 2017 during one of the most damaging hurricane seasons in history.

When extreme weather hits, pets can get loose, scared and lost. It’s often difficult to find them after. As you prepare for the severe weather conditions, don’t forget to plan for your pet’s safety.

Prepping Before the Storm

Put together your pet’s emergency kit, including:

How to Ensure Your Smart Home Stays Connected

Technology is allowing you to live safely and securely in your home. But what about when the power goes out?

In his recent blog, Eric Murrell, founder of the smart home and technology blog “At Home in the Future,” shares tips on how to make sure your smart home stays connected at the times when you need it most. Learn more on Eric's blog: Three Ways to Ensure Your Smart Home Stays Connected.

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