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QuickCheck is a DISCONTINUED Cummins product


QuickCheck is a hand-held portable device that connects to your Cummins ECM. It can transfer ‘hot specs,’ read fault codes and engine data, direct engine edits, and trim or enable electronic engine features when combined with the PowerSpec program.

PowerSpec software users can use Cummins INLINE datalink adapters to communicate to on-highway Electronic Control Modules on CMI products.

The QuickCheck user manuals are installed in PowerSpec under C:\ProgramData\Cummins\QuickCheck

Note: Cummins is no longer selling QuickCheck product, which was discontinued in December 2020, and the QuickCheck handheld units are no longer supported. The capabilities of QuickCheck are already available in our existing diagnostic software, specifically, Cummins INSITETM when paired with a Cummins INLINETM datalink adapter. 

To purchase the replacement products, please contact your local Cummins Distributor. To find your local Distributor click here.

Software Licensing

Some Cummins software and mobile applications – including INSITE™, Guidanz®, PowerSpec and QuickCheck – require unique software licenses for use. Licenses are available through a Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer. Please provide us a few details to find your local representative.

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