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Fault finding analysis tool designed to work with Holset VGT™ Electric Actuators. The E-Tool performs physical checks and diagnostics on the turbocharger and installs and calibrates new actuators to the turbocharger, either on or off the engine. 

Available exclusively to Authorized Holset Distributors. Please Contact your Customer Order Management support team to verify eligibility (requires training) and to request the order form.



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Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 8 in 2016. They will end extended support for Windows 8.1 by JANUARY 2023.

The Holset E-Tool has a technical reliance on Microsoft and other third-party components, all of which are in process to discontinue their support of Windows 8/8.1 compatibility. Hence, starting JANUARY 2023, Cummins technical support will have limited or no ability to support application related issues on a Windows 8/8.1 PC.

Cummins strongly recommends upgrading your Windows Operating System to the latest version.

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