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Guidanz Web offers a common interface to Cummins service systems, allowing certified service providers the ability to quickly answer customer service needs. The system removes duplicated data entry and the need to have multiple websites and software running at the same time. Information is easily accessible through comprehensive service history and convenient service links (fault codes, manuals, previous warranty claims, etc.).



Software Licensing

Some Cummins software and mobile applications – including INSITE™, Guidanz™, PowerSpec and QuickCheck – require unique software licenses for use. Licenses are available through a Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer. Please provide us a few details to find your local representative.

Training Videos

Training Materials

Everything You Need to Know About Guidanz Web!
Join us for FREE online training to learn how to shave valuable minutes off each service event by leveraging the new Cummins Guidanz web application. Guidanz simplifies and creates a comprehensive service event experience by combining the end-to-end process in one application. Users no longer have to log into QSOL, EDS, or RAPIDSERVE™ Web – they log into Guidanz and receive the same content streamlined through one easy-to-use application that guides users through the service event.

Training Objectives

  • Learn about the origin of Guidanz and why it is a great advancement in Service efficiency!
  • Learn how Guidanz streamlines day-to-day service events, from the customer arriving and all the way through invoice/claim filing
  • Review how Guidanz will replace RAPIDSERVE™ Web for claim creation. Dealer participation is strongly encouraged as EDS and RSW will be retiring soon!
  • Understand how to request access/deactivate users
  • Understand how to receive support and/or provide feedback


Four training sessions are available each week.  Each session is 2 hours long and you only need to participate in one of the sessions to register for the application. Skype sessions are limited to 150 participants.

  • Every Monday and Wednesday, 10am - 12pm EST
  • Every Monday and Wednesday, 2pm - 4pm EST


How to connect
Connecting for Skype sessions is simple! Choose the date and time and then join us by phone and use the links below to begin your participation. Mark your calendars for the date/time that works best for you. Copy and paste the following information in your calendar invite.

     Skype Links     
     Dealer Link

     Join by phone
     USA (+1) 877-810-9439. Access code: 5682831#
     Find a local number

Please join the session 10 minutes prior to the beginning of training. First time users will receive a pop-up notification to download the Skype for Business Web App plug-in. Once received, users can execute the web plug-in to launch the program.

During the Skype session, you will be asked to provide your 5-digit dealer location ID. After the session is complete, you will need to contact your Cummins Sales and Service channel administrator with the list of people in your location that will be using Guidanz web. Please provide to your channel administrator: 

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Location ID
  • Guidanz web user (i.e. Advanced or Technician)

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