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Guidanz™ integrates web and mobile apps to make servicing or connecting to Cummins products more efficient. Fault code analysis, repair time estimates, access to diagnostics information, and more.

Software Downloads

Download the Guidanz™ mobile app for your Android phone or tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

Prerequisites for the Guidanz Mobile app

    • Many of the Guidanz features require a subscription. Contact your local distributor, under the Software Licensing section below, to register your service location to use Cummins Guidanz Immediate Assessment in the US, EU, or Canada. Non-Distributor employees please contact Cummins Care.
  • DATALINK ADAPTERS - You will need one of the new Cummins INLINETM Bluetooth datalink adapters.
    • INLINE™ 7  is a complete kit. It connects to equipment using 9, 6, and 3 pin cables. It supports USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It works with INSITE and Guidanz Mobile.
    • INLINE™ mini  is an inexpensive, palm-sized, Bluetooth adapter with no need for additional cables, designed especially for Guidanz.

For detailed product information about Guidanz see Guidanz product information.

This software is not available on mobile. To download for your office or home computer, please return to this page from that device.

Software Licensing

Some Cummins software and mobile applications – including INSITE™, Guidanz™, PowerSpec and QuickCheck – require unique software licenses for use. Licenses are available through a Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer. Please provide us a few details to find your local representative.

Issues and Solutions

A new iOS Guidanz mobile app version for iOS 2.1.3 has been released which fixes the app launch issue on iOS 12.1.

Questions and Answers

Do you have an Immediate Assessment account set up? If not, then you need to call your local distributor to purchase this or you can use the guest login.

Guidanz is a product to enhance the service experience. It will provide a single entry point and end-to-end service event guidance. Please reference ‘Guidanz Go Live Location Tracking Sheet v1’.

Confirm they have been given Guidanz access from their channel admin and confirm their location/date to be live on Guidanz. An individual should not have Guidanz access until their location has converted to Guidanz.

Instructions to escalate a job are on the right side of the page on the T&D and Repair and Maintenance pages.

Reference Review page/chevron from T&D or Repair workflow, bottom of the page, expandable accordion.

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