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Update Manager enables and manages software updates for Cummins products and features.

Software Downloads

The latest version of Cummins Update Manager is version
Requires Administrator Rights to install
Compatible with Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

File Name: (Size: 105 MB) - Requires Administrator Rights to Install


This software is not available on mobile. To download for your office or home computer, please return to this page from that device.

Issues and Solutions

Older versions of Update Manager 3.X require the digital signature to be updated to make sure you are getting safe and Cummins published updates. The older versions of the Update Manager's signature had expired and requires update.

How to Fix: 
Option 1 - (No Administrative Rights Required)

  • Insert the INSITE 8.0.X Production DVD
  • Run the Autorun.exe
  • Choose "Update INSITE"

Note: The first step in updating INSITE is to make sure you are on the correct version of Update Manager. If the incorrect version is detected, Update Manager will prompt for update to the correct version.

Option 2 - (Administrative Rights Required)

  • Obtain a copy of  Update Manager or greater from the INSITE 8.0.X DVD or INSITE download
  • Perform a upgrade using Administrative Rights to the PC

Internet is dropping out during down. Connection to the server is blocked or unstable. 

How to Fix:
Contact your IT or ISP provider and make sure your internet is working properly. Additionally, make sure your IT isn't blocking the various URLs for Update Manager and other Cummins software. Refer to network considerations.

1. File found at the following location C:\ProgramData\Cummins_Inc\pushupdates.cache is corrupt

2. Failed upgrade to a newer version of Update Manager

How to Fix:

Cause 1: Delete the file: pushupdates.cache (normally 9 KB in size) and manually start the service under the Task Manager Service tab, or if this error is during the install, run the install again and the error will not appear.

Cause 2: Complete uninstall Cummins Update Manager and make sure that the Cummins Update Manager folder is no longer present under the C:\Program Files\Cummins\ directory. Reinstall Update Manager with Administrative rights. Launching Update Manager should now work properly.


Questions and Answers

On your computer, go to C:\ProgramData\Cummins_Inc. Clear pushupdates.cache and empty the toolupdate folder.

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