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INSITE CENSE™ is an enhanced engine protection feature. CENSE™ engine monitoring (with standard engine shutdown log) is incorporated into the upgraded engine ECM, eliminating the need for an additional diagnostics module or an Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) converter box.

Software Downloads

Must be installed on a Windows 7/32-bit operating system.


INSITE for Cense (RS-232)

File Name:

File Size: 31 MB



Installation Instructions:

Install package not compatible with Update Manager. Requires manual install. Instructions included in the zip.

This tool will only function on Windows 7 32bit or prior. Please follow the instructions provided to install this properly. This tool also requires INSITE 8.X to perform calibration downloads to the CENSE RS-232 modules.

This software is not available on mobile. To download for your office or home computer, please return to this page from that device.

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