The Future Vision for Cleaner Engine Technology

The integrated System, a concept product designed to help customers address future CO2 and NOx challenges, represents one of the ways that Cummins is continuing to invest in the development of clean engine technology. The concept of an integrated turbocharger and aftertreatment system combines engineering expertise from Cummins Turbo Technologies and Cummins Emission Solutions to deliver new air and thermal management architectures in a single system. Cummins has a strong history of leading in diesel innovation and this integrated architecture is another example of that technology leadership. This technologically advanced concept product is critically important for our customers and the environment.



  • The integrated Rotary Turbine Control enables exhaust gases to bypass the turbine stage and enter the Close Coupled Unit after the gas has been injected with urea by the new Cummins UL4 injector.
  • This immediate conversion enables exhaust gases to be 70°C hotter than when it reaches the SCR catalyst in traditional aftertreatment systems.

Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) Optimizes heat management through bypassing +50% exhaust gases and improves thermal management by generating backpressure.
UL4 Urea Doser Has an increased ambient temperature enabling post turbo urea injection, and offers freeze-robustness to prevent crystallization and clogging.
Close Coupled Unit Enables the possible implementation of a DOC or SCR closer to the turbocharger, improving emissions when the engine is operating at lower exhaust temperatures.

When combined with the Single Module™ chassis mounted aftertreatment, it has the potential to improve emissions particularly for cold start and urban driving operations.

Combining Engineering Expertise to Help Customers Address Future CO2 and NOx Challenges

This concept system, which is still under development, is another example of Cummins’ technology leadership to power our customer’s success and help them meet future technology challenges in an ever-changing industry.

Integrated Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) Valve
UL4 Urea Doser
Close Coupled Unit
Integrated Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) Valve

Integrated Rotary Turbine Control (RTC) Valve

Optimized heat management: +50% exhaust bypass to aid Nox reduction by increasing temperatures to the aftertreatment.

Improved thermal management: Generates back pressure for thermal management, driving Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

Turbo Technology
UL4 Urea Doser

UL4 Urea Doser

Improved temperature control: Increased ambient temperature capability and increased ambient temperature limit,
up to 160c (200c limited time), is designed to enable post turbo urea injection.

Improved reliability: Together with the UL2.2, UL4 is one of the only liquid-only dosing systems on the market,
offering freeze-robustness in its design. The system is designed specifically to prevent doser crystallization and clogging.

Dosing Technology
Close Coupled Unit

Close Coupled Unit

Improved emissions integration: Enables the possible implementation of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) or
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) closer to the turbocharger to potentially improve emissions when
the engine is operating at lower exhaust temperatures.

Aftertreatment Technology
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